How Much Does a New Roof Cost?


A roof is an important part of your Denver home. It keeps out weather elements like rain and snow, keeps your furniture and belongings protected, and otherwise makes life a little more comfortable. But, when the roof is damaged, a fast repair is important or you may find that the protection is gone and you are left with enormous damages. No one wants to call out a professional to replace the roof but it is better to do it now than to put it off and endure more expense later.

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How much will a roof replacement denver co cost? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all for a roof replacement job. It doesn’t matter how much money your neighbor spent for their roof. You may find the costs of your replacement considerably more or less than this amount. Many factors impact the costs, so it is advisable to compare rates with a few area companies before you sign a contract. No two roofing companies offer the same rates, services, or quality, so spend time learning as much as possible about the companies.

Factors that impact costs of a roof replacement include:

·    Roof company chosen for the job

·    Type of roofing material you want

·    Season of the year that you call a roofer

·    Damage to the roof/repairs needed

On average, an asphalt shingles roof for an 800-SF. Home costs about $7,700 to replace. Most roofers offer free estimates that make it easy to compare costs with the various companies. Be sure to request your estimates and learn where the best prices are found. Do keep in mind, however, that the cost of the job is just one of the many important factors to use to find the best company. Your roof is an important component, treat it that way.